Need to save some time? Looking for some time saving apps?

Time is money as they say. Anything you can find that will save you time in life is a bonus. (Small plug coming up…. a Virtual Assistant can help you save time.  Outsource some tasks to a Virtual Assistant which they can do you virtually.  This can free up some of your time to work/grow your business).

Back to the blog.  Everyone wants to save time, in this blog I look at 2 different ways you can save time in your business.  Scheduling your social media for the month ahead AND saving time on setting up/finding a time for meetings.

Social Media Scheduling

 Many people schedule content on their social media in advance, therefore saving them time having to think what to post.  Take a couple of hours a month and schedule everything. Then you don’t have to think about it again, you just need to engage on your posts.  It’s quite simple to do and there are many tools available to help this.  Some free apps with the option of paid subscriptions giving you extra functionality are available.  Here are some that I’ve tried are;

There are so many more available on the market, but they are tools you need to try yourself to find out which ones you prefer.  You also need to work out what suits your budget. My favourite so far is Publer, it is limited on the free version, but still works well.

Booking Meetings

 How much time do you spend trying to find a time for a meeting to suit a number of people. This can often take up hours of your day giving suggestions, only to find out one or more attendees can’t make the suggested date. To assist with this there are 2 great tools I’ve used in both business and personal.

There are many more such as; When2Meet, Pick a Meeting, again these are tools you can have a play around with and find your favourite one. I really like Doodle, it’s very easy to use. Calendly enables you to link your calendar with the app, then if someone wants to book time with you, they can click on a time and you are definitely going to be available. This software again offers a free version and you can upgrade to a paid version to give your more options. Doodle is a fabulous tool, you put the details of the meeting, put in a number of dates/times that you are available and then send the link to any number of people. They then choose when they are free, once everyone has submitted their timings you can clearly see the best date/time for the meeting. (You just have to hope everyone responds and you don’t need to chase people up to complete the request).

I’d love to hear what apps you use for time saving in your business and any you would recommend.

If you want to save some time and outsource some of your administration to a Virtual Assistant, please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. Check out my services page for more information on what I can help with.

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