Benefits and uses for mail merges

Benefits and uses for mail merge.

This week I picked up a new client – this was after someone recommended me in a Counsellor’s Forum. The job they wanted help with was completing regular mail merges. Now that is my dream job right there. There are many benefits and uses for mail merge.

I know lots of people that can’t do them or hate doing them, but I absolutely love them. In my old Corporate job I was the ‘go to’ mail merge queen and have been involved in some huge mail merges to thousands of customers. Sadly I really do love to mail merge. My new client receives her new client details info on an excel spreadsheet and they need them merged into a form they use, and then they need to be saved individually.

Why would you mail merge?

Beneifts and uses for mail merges – you can mail merge for various different reasons, generally, it’s when you have the same letter/document that you want to send out to a number of different people/customers.

You may have a form that you use to collect data and need to save each form individually to go into their file (client details), you can merge this data with the document and save each record separately.

Mail merge with labels – more benefits and uses for mail merges?

When I worked out you can use mail merge with labels, this was a complete game-changer for me. At Christmas, we used to have a staff party where we would envelope up drink’s vouchers for staff and then put the staff member’s name on the envelope. Going forwards I was able to use my attendee list and mail merge those names into a labels document. I could then print off the labels and stick them on the envelopes saving loads of time and making the envelopes look professional. You can even add graphics to the label or colours.

How many Christmas cards do you send out? If you think this is a job that you do every single year, you should type up your recipient’s details into Excel (which means you can add or delete to the list each year). Then you can mail merge this list to labels and print off labels for your Christmas cards, making them look really professional.

Other benefits and uses for mail merges – you could even do this for party invitations, event invitations. It’s such an easy thing to do, once you have all the data on Excel. This will save you lots of time in the future once all set up.

How can I help you with mail merges?

If you don’t know how to do mail merges or haven’t got the time, this is certainly a job I can help with. All you need to do is send me the Excel spreadsheet (the data) along with the document if merging into a document or the size of your labels over and I can send back the mail merge.

Maybe you have all of your recipients details written down – that’s fine, send them to me, I can put them into an Excel spreadsheet for you also.

Please get in touch if you have a regular mail merge you want me to run or maybe just an adhoc mail merge. It really is one of my favourite jobs. Please check out my other services here.

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