Benefits of having a Virtual Assistant manage your e-mails/calendar

How long do you spend working on your e-mails/calendar?

What are the benefits of having a Virtual Assistant manage your e-mails/calendar? What a difference would it make to your working day if you no longer had to be tied to your desk replying to e-mails or setting up meetings. 

Are you wasting YOUR valuable time; clearing out junk, deleting chains of e-mails, and filing e-mails. Maybe you want a meeting with one or more people and end up spending an age going back and forth to find a suitable date/time that suits everyone. There is an answer to this – outsource this to a Virtual Assistant.

How can a Virtual Assistant manage your e-mails/calendar?

It’s really simple to get a Virtual Assistant to manage your emails and calendar. Virtual Assistants are really used to working with multiple mailboxes/calendars.  You can give them your login details so they can add your mailbox to their account and have access to your e-mails/calendar. You could also set them up with their own e-mail account which looks really professional.  They then take this sometimes painful task off your plate, leaving you time to work on your business, meeting with potential new customers and nurture your current customers.

How will this save me time?

The Virtual Assistant will file/delete e-mails, unsubscribe to newsletters you signed up for years ago. The Virtual Assistant can set up a system so all you have to look at is 2 folders – ‘to read’ and ‘urgent to do’. Virtual Assistants will flag anything urgent so you don’t miss anything. They can set reminders in your calendar so you don’t forget anything. They can block time in your calendar to give you time to work on specific tasks which could include going through your 2 e-mail folders or time to work on your clients work.  They can arrange meetings and into your diary where available. These are just some of the benefits of having a Virtual Assistant manage your e-mails/calendar.

How much time do you think you spend on a weekly basis reading/replying to e-mails?  Imagine if you didn’t have to?

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