Benefits of having a Virtual Assistant schedule your Social Media

Benefits of Virtual Assistant schedule Social Media

What are the benefits of having a Virtual Assistant schedule your Social Media?  How long do you spend each month scheduling your Social Media onto your channels? It’s surprising how much that time adds up over the month. How many channels do you use for Social Media – 3 or 4.   Are you using Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or Pinterest? You may only use one of two of those.  But you need to be visible on these channels regularly to keep your audience interested and that takes time.  Ever worked out your hourly rate?  Work that out and then work out how much time you spend scheduling – expensive?

How long does it take to schedule your Social Media?

One month you should use a timer and time how long you spend creating and scheduling your social media. Use an app like Toggl to record this over the month. You will be surprised, even if it only takes you 5 – 10 minutes each day to schedule a post to your channels.  That adds up to over 2-3 hours a month lost time where you could be working/growing your business. Obviously, the time lost will depend on how many channels you schedule to.  What content gets scheduled, do images have to be created, research completed etc. How many times a week you choose to post.

Have you ever thought about using a Virtual Assistant to schedule your Social Media?

How? You can easily give access to your social media channels to a Virtual Assistant – and you don’t even have to send them passwords. You add them as an admin to each of your channels.  This gives them the ability to schedule content onto your chosen channels. Virtual Assistants can post whatever you ask them to. Maybe you want to share a VLOGs, quotes, testimonials, photos etc. As long as they have access to these items, they can schedule to your social media.

You can also use a tool similar to Trello where you can share an ideas board with your Virtual Assistant. You can add ideas when you think of them to a shared communications board for future posts so you don’t forget them. The Virtual Assistant can put the post together and share it with you on Trello before scheduling. Once you agree with it, they can schedule, that way you know what is being scheduled to your Social Media.

I have a Social Media client and they send me links to articles via Wattsapp which they want shared, I then put a post together and schedule it. I’ve also created templates for testimonials using Canva which I use for the client. When they get a new testimonial, I use the agreed template created and share across their platforms.

What are the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant to schedule your Social Media?

  1. Time – obviously this will save you hours of your valuable time over the month
  2. Visibility – you remain visible on all social media channels without having to worry that something isn’t scheduled
  3. Skills – you don’t have to learn new skills/software which you would need to use to be able to schedule/create the posts
  4. Interaction – you can also use a Virtual Assistant to interact with your target audience on your Social Media – again saving you time, they can reply to posts, comment on your followers posts, share articles

Virtual Assistants often have Social Media as their chosen field.   These Virtual Assistants can record analytics for you, research hashtags to use, and best posting times.  You need to decide what you want before your instruct a Virtual Assistant.  If it is just posting content you are giving them at a time you want to be scheduled – that is fairly simple to do.

If you are interested in this, please check out my services and prices page for more information.  I’d love to chat this through with you, you can do this by booking a call or completing this contact form.


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