Do you have a customer loyalty programme?

Do you have a customer loyalty programme?

Having a customer loyalty programme is a great idea.  Our customers/clients keep us in business, do you try to keep your customers loyal?  Some of your best customers often come from word of mouth, so keeping your customers loyal is a great way to increase your future referrals.  You never know how big your customer’s network can stretch.

What can you offer as loyalty to your customers?

Do you offer your customers/clients anything if they refer you on?  Maybe a voucher sent out in the post, a small gift?  I chose to offer my clients money off their next bill if they refer on a client that becomes and customer.  I could have chosen a small gift/voucher, but I thought to help their own business and give back to them, my customers would appreciate some money off their invoice.

Why wouldn’t you offer loyalty to your customers?

Offering a loyalty programme is a win win.  You know your customer is happy with your work as they have referred you to someone else in their network.  You gain a new customer, plus your loyal customer gets some money off their next bill after the new client has paid their first bill.

It has been said that as many as 84% of customers say they are more apt to stick with a brand that offers a loyalty program. 

What loyalty programmes can you offer your customers?

There are 4 categories of loyalty programmes; points, tiers, social media, and paid programmes.  My dad has just changed hairdressers. One of the benefits he now gets is a free haircut after paying for 7!  It is the same with many coffee shops. Often you get a card stamped so you get a free coffee for every 10 you purchase. It often makes you go back for more and stick with the same brand.

The idea of a loyalty programme is to motivate repeat purchases and build trust between customer and business.  As I offer a paid loyalty scheme for my clients, in the future I am hoping to get more referrals from my current clients as they benefit as well as me.  I have already had one referral which was great.

I offer my current clients a % off their next invoice once the referred customer has paid their first invoice.  Gaining the new client has in fact saved me time and money from marketing/networking, so it is only right that I give back to my loyal customer.

Do you have a loyalty programme in place? Does it work, what do you offer.  If you do not, is it something you could offer to your customers?

If you are in need to some help with your daily administration or even a one off project, please do get in touch here to see if I can help.  Outsourcing administration work can free up your time. You can maybe investigate and launch a loyalty programme for your own customers.

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