Welcome to my website, you’ve knocked on the right door.

Are you working after hours, working during your weekends?  Are you looking for ways to lighten your workload and stop working those extra hours eating into your ‘home time’?

You can outsource some of your administration work to a Virtual Assistant.  Not sure where to start?  I can help you through this journey.

A Virtual Assistant is someone that works ‘virtually’ generally in their own home.  You delegate tasks to them freeing up your time.  Virtual Assistants are skilled in various types of administration, typing, inbox/calendar management, minute taking/transcription.  It is like having a PA, but not in your office and you only pay for the number of hours they are working on your tasks.

After reading through my pages, you will see how passionate I am about helping and supporting businesses struggling with administration.  It would be a great decision to make contact and I would welcome a discovery call to talk over your needs, and see if we are a good fit for each other.  Find my list of services here.

Delegate to me & keep me busy!

My prices and packages. For more info - see my prices page.

Core Values of TJVA

Values are principles and beliefs that help people to work towards a common goal.  My core values for TJVA are loyalty, hard work and flexibility.  I like to align my core values with the people I support.

Having coming for a company that I worked for, for 26 years I am definitely loyal.  Setting up my business during a pandemic whilst also working full time meant I had to be hardworking.

Being a Virtual Assistant working for multiple clients with different deadlines means I am flexible and as a business owner I have the flexibility to work where and when I want.


Some testimonials of past and present people I've worked with.

My mission

TJVA offers excellent ‘virtual’ business administration solutions for business owners, taking the strain off their workload by doing certain tasks that they may not enjoy.  This will enable them to concentrate on getting the work done that they enjoy and are skilled in.  TJVA ensures that business owners have more time to focus, grow and nurture their business.