Minute taking? How to get someone to volunteer?

minute taking

Well, that caught your eye didn’t it?  I’m not quite a miracle worker as I can’t make your staff volunteer, but I can explain how you can get someone to help with minute taking in your business.


How many times have you sat in a meeting and asked for a volunteer to take your minutes? Quite a few I reckon, that’s because, if you have no PA/Secretary available, that job is always the task where everyone avoids eye contact or starts writing notes so as to avoid ‘being volunteered. Sound familiar?


Hundreds of minutes are taken daily in most offices. Hearings, grievances, monthly team meetings, governance meetings – the majority of meetings these days have to be taken down for auditing purposes so there is an audit trail that they took part, who attended them, when it took place and what was discussed.

There aren’t many people that will put their hand up to take the minutes are there?

Who could help with minute taking?

VAs are trained to take minutes and can;

  • capture actions (one of the most important parts of minute taking), 
  • easily assign actions for people to own 
  • chase the owner of the action for an up date
  • type up the minutes using any template you prefer
  • circulate the minutes to those that need to see/review them

Painfree minute taking

It could be the only job you need to outsource.  Take the pain out of awkward meetings and outsource minute taking to a VA.  

Read some common challenges with minute taking here.


These days most meetings are taking place virtually.  Even better, record the meetings and send the recording to a VA to type up.

Take a look at the other services that I offer too .  

If you are looking for someone to type up your minutes, then look no further as TJVA would love to take this pain out of your meetings.  Get in touch.

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