Hello world from Tamsin of TJVA


The start of my journey

Today is Saturday 20th June and my Virtual Assistant journey is pushing along now. If you’ve read my about page you’ll know I have plenty of experience working in the Corporate world, but due to redundancy I will now be working for myself as TJVA!


I’ve spent a long time completing a WordPress course, which as a result of this I’ve built my own.  Hopefully I will offer this as a service in the future.

Isn’t it weird putting your learning into practice? Losing the security blanket of the lecturer.  Chosing WordPress over all the other services on the market was a no-brainer as I’d heard great things about it and that it was quite easy to use. During the course I learned some funky bits and bobs which I’m hoping to practice with going forward.

So far so good.

It’s OK if you have the money to employ a web designer.  Or have the time to sit and learn how to use the system, but if you haven’t it leaves you a little stuck.   I’m hoping that I will soon become a whizz with this and it will soon feature on my services list.


Well, any feedback you do have on my site would be greatly received.  I expect it will evolve over the next few months, therefore thank you for reading and for any comments you may leave.

I hope you enjoy reading my journey with TJVA which involves learning some new and exciting technology. I love learning new things.  Stumbling across tips and tricks to help make things quicker/simpler.  Hopefully that’s what I can do for your business if you employed my services.

Please do get in touch if you have something I can help with (check out the services i offer here) or even connect with me on social media.   Click here to get in touch.

TJ x

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