Do you get more work done working from home?

Working from home

After 4 – 5 months of living through lock down, I’ve heard a number of people say to me that they have enjoyed working from home as they got more done.  I’m sure it’s not true for everyone, but it will be for a lot of people.  Why is that?  I think it’s because at home you haven’t got the distractions that you do at work.  Distractions like  getting the team coffees, office banter, longer team meetings as they are face to face etc.

When working from home you have less noise distractions than working in an office.  People with children at home during this time won’t agree.  These people have probably found it extremely difficult to work from home.

Would you want to permanently work from home?

I do think now those people that enjoyed working from home during lock down may have changed views slightly.  I expect they’d like the best of both worlds.  Working from home for a few days of the week and working from the office for a few as they miss the social interaction.

I enjoy working from home, it gives me so much flexibility.  I love not having to commute at busy times.  That’s an hour of my life saved every day.  It means I can give Dave (the dog) a longer walk in the morning, which helps my mental health also.

Virtual Assistants love working from home

I chose to be a Virtual Assistant so I could work from home and be with my dog.  I felt immense guilt each day leaving him to go to work and had the puppy dog eyes when I left for the day.

I’ve been a PA most of my working life.  I worked in an office with 500 staff in it.   I wasn’t in a team, I worked mainly on my own.  Obviously I interacted with everyone, but I was a team of 1.  Working alone is second nature to me and I quite enjoy it.


Going back to people saying they were more productive working from home, this is the world of a Virtual Assistant every day, not just during lock down.  Virtual Assistant’s account for each minute of their day.  They  are productive and only charge for the time they are working.  I use a timer app which records how much time I spend on a client’s work.  It allows a client to see down to the minute what has been charged for an how long it took to complete.

A recently read an article on where they had conducted a study and said the UK had the longest working hours in Europe.  The average British office employee only manages 3 actual hours of work per day, but they are paid obviously for the full day.  So for those 3 hours of work you still need to pay a full time salary which includes all the usual costs for an employee you; salary, pension, tax etc.  So you could outsource your work to a VA and get better value for money.

Outsource to a VA

With all the above in mind, it seems such common sense that you would outsource some work to a Virtual Assistant.

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